Which is better for kids, our KLX110R or our KFX 50?

Are you in the market for a top-notch dirt bike or off-road vehicle for your little thrill seeker? As with any purchase, it is important to do your research and find what works best for your family. That’s why we have created this comprehensive guide about two of the most popular kid’s dirt bikes and ATVs on the market – Kawasaki KLX110R and KFX 50! We’ll take a closer look at both models, discuss their features, pros / cons, pricing range and more. Whether you are considering getting one as an upgrade from yours child’s first mini gas bike or purchasing it as a gift – understanding everything there is to know can make choosing between these two exciting rides much easier. So sit back , relax, let us handle all details while you start dreaming up all those outdoor adventures that await you at Jim Gilberts PowerSports Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada’s Huggable Powersports Dealer…

Get Your Kids Into Power Sports With Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports!

Are you looking for a way to get your kids into power sports in a safe and controlled manner? Look no further than Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports! From the KLX 110 R to the KFX 50, Jim Gilbert’s has everything you need to get your kids started on their power sports journey. Let’s take an in-depth look at these two bikes and how they can help your kids learn to use them safely.

The KLX 110 R is Kawasaki’s entry level bike, with larger versions available up the line. It is perfect for younger children, as it gives them the chance to get used to sitting on a bike and learning how to control it. As they become more comfortable, they can move up in size until they find a bike that fits them perfectly.

The Kawasaki KFX 50 also offers young riders an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of power sports before moving onto something bigger. This small model has all of the features of its larger counterparts but uses a smaller engine, making it easier for beginners to master. No matter what age your child is or how tall they are, Jim Gilbert’s has something that will fit their needs perfectly.

Jim Gilbert’s also offers a full showroom so you can come in and check out their selection of power sports first hand before deciding which one is right for you and your family. They have knowledgeable staff who are always happy to answer any questions that you might have about any of their models and provide helpful advice about what type of bike is best for you or your child.

Getting your kids into power sports doesn’t have to be intimidating; with Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports, it can be easy and fun! From the KLX 110 R all the way up through larger models, there’s something perfect for everyone at Jim Gilbert’s showroom. So why not stop by today and let their friendly staff introduce you and your family members to some amazing power sport options? You won’t regret it!

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Kawasaki Brute Force 750 – Popular accessories!

Hi everybody it’s Peter, and in this video we’re gonna take a look at the Kawasaki Brute Force 750, which is an excellent platform with an excellent engine, and we’re gonna look at some of the popular options that some people put on to make it even better for them. So before we get going too far, I wanna thank  Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports, who give you complete access to the Kawasaki lineup. Because if there’s something in this video that you have questions about or you have comments about, or you want me to make a future video, you can just let me know in the comments below, make sure you subscribe and I can come back to this vehicle and all sorts of other vehicles in the Kawasaki lineup in order to make sure that I answer your questions. So again, we’re gonna go through some of the cool options.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…

We’re gonna walk through some of the features and some of the pros and cons of each. And I’m gonna show you how I think I would equip things as well as maybe how you would equip things and some of the things that we like. So let’s start over here on the front. For me, the brush guard is important. If you’re anything like me and you go through certain types of trails, you’re hitting sticks and other kinds of things, and you wanna protect these lights, you wanna protect all kinds of things, and it just gives you a little bit extra strength on the front. What I like is this also gives you a base to put on a light bar, and if you wanted an upgrade in lights, you can easily do that. There’s all kinds of bars that can mount to these grills right here.

You can put it whatever you want. And you can have wide angle spotlight. You can even have a mix of those kind of things. So light bars, accessory lights, whatever you wanna put on this, you’ve got the ability to do that with this front bar. The other thing I like out front here is a winch. I feel like every ATV should come with a winch, and I realize that not everybody needs one, but when I go out, oftentimes I’m alone. Or oftentimes I’m going into situations where maybe I shouldn’t have. And I’ve used my winch all kinds of times because maybe I’m not a great driver or maybe I’m just a little too aggressive and, uh, get myself in trouble. But having a winch built in here is really important. So again, the winch here and the mounting plate all easily, uh, you know, the, the Kawasaki is set up for this, so you can easily put those on really basic stuff. Now let’s take a look at some of the extra things that I think really set this apart. These are kind of the standard options where there’s some cool stuff as we work our way to the back. So I’m feeling, I’m filming this late November. We’re thinking about Christmas gifts, Christmas things, things that you could add onto a brute force you already own. But we’re also thinking about the type of riding

That I do, which is cold weather riding right now. And whether it’s cold weather or warm weather, this windshield kit is pretty awesome. So it’s, first of all, it’s paint matched to your vehicle. So it looks like it’s factory, it has the windshield, which comes up probably to about my chin height. You know, I could certainly tuck down behind it if I wanted to, but it really keeps that cold weather off of me because the way it’s set out here, your hand and your controls are kept there. So it can keep you cleaner, it can keep you drier and uh, you know, if you’re driving into a, you know, a mystique or, or a damp area kind of thing, sort of takes some of that away from hitting your body first and hits this first. So that’s a really cool thing. And of course the wind and everything else, you know, you can see why it’s nice, but really it’s gonna keep you warmer on a cooler day, which is really nice


The other thing is you have the ability to have these mirrors here that are added on. So that gives you extra safety, extra visibility. And if you’re riding with a group, it’s really nice to have these really adjustable and highly adjustable mirrors. They, they sort of, the stem moves, the head moves there and you can really see behind you get a sense of what’s going on around you. If you’re with a group and you’re losing someone or you wanna keep an eye on them, it’s easy to do with the left and right side mirrors those. This combination right here I think is well worth adding to just about anybody’s atv. Next thing I wanna talk about is these fender protectors, which are right here now them on their own. Yeah, they’re useful. If you’re going up against a tree or something like that, you’re gonna hit this really sart, uh, you know, hard piece here instead of the flexible plastic.

It can keep you from cracking things, but really this is about adding accessories on. And we’ve got a top box here. You’ll notice these right here are foot pegs. So the nice thing about these is you can sort of custom set them to your regular passenger. You can bring them lower down for a taller passenger, you can bring ’em fairly high up for a shorter passenger. They fold out of the way when you’re getting on and off, can bang it in place and it sort of holds in place, but you can fold ’em outta the way if you’re just getting on and off and you’re riding solo. But it makes this a solid two passenger vehicle that’s really comfortable and they have good support because they’re nice and safe. So I’ll show you what I look like as a six footer up here on the seat.

So I’m gonna climb on from the far side here. You’ve got the handholds here on this, uh, area here. And if you just wanted to climb up and high up, you can use those foot pegs to support all of my weight. Again, I’m a six footer, won’t lift my weight, but let’s call it 175 ish or so. And you can see it gives me a solid base along with the handholds here to really anchor myself to the vehicle. So I’m really secure here. The driver still has basically their complete seat to themselves. They’ve got that full space there, they can move forward or back so they can adjust their weight as they need to driving over rougher terrain. And the passenger is very comfortable here. Now I will say here, the seat is a nice soft seat, so it’s a really luxurious place to kind of sit and ride. Obviously we mentioned these handholds here. We’re gonna talk about this, uh, top case here in a second, but as I’m riding here, if I wanna reach down and grab something as the passenger or the driver can reach back, they can do that. We’ll talk about how this is waterproof or at least water resistant anyways up there. But, uh, overall

Simple process to give you that two passenger vehicle that you’ve been looking for and make people super secure. Taking a closer look at this top case here, we can see the handles that are sort of soft, uh, you know, rubber or certainly a soft feeling, uh, area there. So not cold metal for your passenger. You’ve got this nice seat here, which again, nice and soft, but it does give you good support here in the front to keep you in place. And a nice soft backrest as well. This is the panel I was talking about here and you can see the entire lid is sort of a squishy kind of seal that meets to this plastic hard area to form a firm gasket on there. So you’ve got some water resistance there. Let’s show you the back end of this over on the back end here. 
Pretty typical stuff. Easy, good ceiling latches that are easy to open, a good deep storage area with. Again, the height there so you can reach in through that, uh, area there. Or you can get access all of your stuff like this. You can pass it right through. And you’ve got storage on both sides, so a lot of storage. And if you want it, you could put a box like this on the front. What I like about leaving it just here is you can strap anything you want to the front and leave the loose items here in the secure secured area as well. Now let’s talk about wheels and tires. So we’ve got this one here, which is more of a trail set up. These more all terrain, uh, kicker tires here, kicker Bronco tires. Uh, a lot of tread in here. I think these would be pretty good in the winter.

They’ve got some siping in there. Good and the wet. And obviously, like I said, more of a trail riding thing. We’ve also got a different version of the brute force in the showroom. I’m gonna show you a picture of that right now. It also has larger wheels and larger tires set up for mud. So depending on your riding condition, you can set it up from your dealer to do the riding that you want. This one does not have a lift kit, but that’s also an option. So larger wheels and tires can give you more ground clearance just like that. And then you can add a lift kit again, get more ground clearance again and again with that great seven 50 high power engine, you’ve got plenty of power to spin those wheels and get through anywhere you’ve gotta go and you can get some extra gl ground clearance to do the things you want to do.

So all kinds of options to customize wheels, tires, to, to tailor it to the train that you wanna ride on. So in front of me I hear I have sort of the list of what’s on here. We have a Bronco 2,500 pound winch and Bronco 26 7 inch kicker tires. We have a KFI winch mounting plate. So you’ve got the winch mounted to the Bronco. And again, 2,500 pound winch. That’s, uh, plenty for this Kawasaki brush guard. So this is factory Kawasaki stuff right here, the VI air or v i p air, uh, paint matched windshield and the mirrors. So again, the mirrors can be separate, but they are, um, v I P or VI air, I’m, I’m saying that wrong I’m sure, but that’s what’s on this. And then you’ve got the KIMPEX, or sorry, Kimpex, nomad seat ,  fender protectors and  foot pegs. So those are all what’s on this, but you could add more, like we mentioned, a light bar on here is a popular option. You could throw a hitch on the back and, uh, take all those things that you needed to do around the yard, hook up a trailer, do that kind of thing. And that doesn’t sort of preclude the fact

That you’ve got all kinds of factory storage areas here already on a pretty good unit. And what I really like about this is the fact that as a base unit, the brute force is such a great base for this, but because they don’t optional those option packages that other manufacturers have, I think it gets overlooked. And the problem with those option packages that other manufacturers make is it forces you into a certain model where you don’t get to customize what you want and just pay for the things you need and not the things you don’t. So we have other, uh, models here on the property. We have a rifle holder on one of our, uh, uh, racks here on the front. You can add all kinds of things, like I said, light barge, really popular option as well. You can do all kinds of things. 

And the one final thing I want to point out is if you are not super handy like me, and you’re maybe better in front of a camera than behind a wrench, uh, always have your dealer install this. All of these things here were installed by the dealer. You gotta, you can take this unit home today, right from Jim Gilbert’s Powersports with everything professionally installed and it just makes it simpler. There’s less things to worry about, less things to have to, you know, think about yourself and it really creates that factory look. So let me know when the comments, do you like what they’ve done here? Do you like sort of those more mutter tires on the other ATV that we showed you? I’ll show you that picture again here. I think this looks pretty good. It looks really good, uh, in the showroom and a lot of people are commenting on it. But what kind of accessories do you like on your atv? Let us know in the comments below because then we can sort of have a little list here for everybody who’s looking into accessories to see what you’ve done with yours and, uh, maybe that’s what they wanna do with theirs. Thanks everybody for watching it. We wanna also thank Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports for giving me complete access to their vehicle line so we can do more videos like this. Thanks everybody for watching.

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Best Kids Dirt Bike and ATV

 2023 Kawasaki KLX110R and KFX 50 – Complete Review

Hi everybody, it’s Peter and in this video we’re gonna do an in-depth review of the Kawasaki KLX110 R and we’re gonna compare it to the Kawasaki KFX 50. These are both kids power sports and they are really good for getting your kids into power sports in a safe manner and helping them learn to use them in a controlled environment with something that they can handle. So first of all, I just wanna point out that there are larger versions of both of these. There’s a 90cc you can go with uh, 110RL and you can continue to move up the line. These are sort of the entry level smaller units that the Kawasaki line starts at. But doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter what age your kids are, we have something for everyone. And I wanna point out that I’m filming here at Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports and one of the reasons I’m doing this video is because there’s a whole bunch of these in stock.

We are in the middle of January when nobody has stock and we’ve got a huge massive showroom full of these things. And I need your help. One of these is sitting outside my office and I need it sold because then I can put what I wanna put outside my office. So you’re gonna help me out if you can help me out by buying one of these and taking it home to your kids. Simple process. So let’s get in depth with the review of both of these units. So the first thing I’m gonna show you is just the size and the styling of this. First of all, size wise, it’s small. It’s small enough to fit a young child. How old? I don’t know. It depends on your kid <laugh>, how, how much you wanna put them on this. But this is something that is very good for a younger kid to learn on.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…

If they can ride a bicycle, they can ride this. The couple things that I like, first of all, styling wise, this is big bike styling. Kids are gonna love that. But the other thing is it’s built very durable. So you’ve got an air cooled four stroke motor, which means you don’t have to mix gas and oil to fill the fuel. And the air cooled means there’s no liquid cooling, nothing to break or leak or anything else. So pretty simple there. You’ve got good support underneath here. So when you’re gonna go over a bump and down into an area, the area that most like is most likely to come in contact with anything underneath is right there. And you’ve got the steel foot pegs with the grip on, they fold up. So if the bike ever fell over, those are gonna fold in place. It does have a kickstart, uh, right here, but you can use a kickstart or an electric start, which is kind of nice. 

They can kinda get used to everything else. And then the biggest thing with this is it has no clutch, but it does have a transmission which you can shift. So let’s talk about that for a second. So if you’re good alert to ride a motorcycle or dirt bike or any kind, you should learn to shift gears. Now the clutch could be intimidating for kids especially because it can cause the vehicle to stall or anything else. Well this one still has a gear shifter but no clutch. So we’ll talk about how that works. Basically, your kid can shift on their own up and down and they need to, but they don’t have to activate the clutch. So from a stop, it’s just throttle and go. But they will run out of gear, they’ll get a into first gear and there’s a four speed transmission here where they can upshift up to fourth gear and then bring it back down as they slow down. If they try to stop in fourth gear, the vehicle will stall. So you still have essentially a manual transmission exactly like a real dirt bike, but you don’t have to worry about, you

Know, know modulating that clutch in every gear, especially in first gear to get going. It’s a great way to teach your kids about gearing about how things work, but also not have them worry about the jumpy clutch or releasing the clutch when they shouldn’t. So super simple system, but it’s exactly like a bigger motorcycle. So we’re looking at the left side handlebar right now. Normally that is where your clutch lever would be and you can see you’ve got a nice good solid grip here different than a regular motorcycle. Your kill switch is on the left side here along with your start switch and we’ll show you why in a second. But basically over here, nothing to do. But hang on, you can turn it off there, you can start it right there. Again, the electric start is available there. So nice and simple on your left side, let’s check out the right side.

On the right side handlebar, you can see that there is that front brake lever right there. Now again, not linked brake. So just like a regular dirt bike front brake here, rear brake is on your foot. You’ve got your throttle here with what appears to be a limiter there. So you can sort of limit that throttle, keep it kind of covered up there, but that’s why there’s no uh, kill switch there. A little harder to reach around that you can get that kill switch on the opposite side. So we talked about that front brake lever. Well what is it attached to? These are actually drum brakes in here. Now drum brakes are not something that’s very common on the front of motorcycles anymore, but they used to be my first road bike, my first highway going street road, legal road bike actually had drum brakes front and rear.

The benefit with drum brakes is first of all, on something like this, they’re gonna last forever. You need a disc brake when you have higher speeds and that kind of thing. Uh, it helps dissipate heat but these are gonna last a long, long time and no debris or or junk or anything else can get in between the brake pads and the brake because everything’s inside here. So they’re both easy to adjust, easy to deal with, easy to maintain, but also something that just kind of is very durable in a sense that if there’s dirt around this area, which of course there will be, it’s never gonna interfere with the brake. So very simple braking system and it’s uh, drum brakes front and rear on this bike. Take a look at the rear of the bike on the chain side. You can see you’ve got a lot of good things going on right here.

First of all, chain guard, chain protector, all there. So just a little things to keep the moving parts away from anybody who’s not familiar with moving parts when they get on this for the very first time. You’ve also got a kickstand and even the uh, spring on the kickstand is covered by a little rubbery type uh, cover there just to keep that from pinching anything. So you’ve got a lot of sort of protection to keep unfamiliar hands and feet, uh, away from things that can pinch and things that are moving. So really nice little safety features built in there. Obviously you still have to keep um, you know, your kids. Uh, it’s a learning process to learn these things but you’ve got a nice sort of in between stage where they can learn everything but also be safe while they do that. One other small safety feature to that I’d like to mention here is, although these aren’t lighted, they’re not road legal, they’re off road vehicles only. Just like all of our other dirt bikes, they do have reflectors here. There’s a reflector out front on both sides there. There’s a reflector out back and on the very back. So if you are in an area where there are vehicles around uh, and you’ve got headlights on, you will have

Some reflectivity at night. So that’s a brief look at the KLX 110R. Now if you have more questions and I didn’t answer everything, feel free to let me know in the comments below because I can come back to those comments in the comments section as well as in future videos. But maybe your kid isn’t ready for a two-wheeler or maybe they just want something a little different. We also have the option here of this K F X 50 atv. Let’s take a close look at that now. So in the past I did a video of the KFX50 and the KFX90 and you may have noticed it had little l e d daytime running lights. That was a 2023 model I’m filming here in January, 2023 and there are still deals to be had on the 2022 models here at Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports

So I’m filming this one just so you have a different perspective. These, I don’t know if they’re reflective or not, they might have some reflectivity, but those are obviously looking like headlights. They are a little different. You still got reflectors over here. Big thing I like here is you’ve got this nice steel frame that comes all the way out. So if you’re coming over obstacles and maybe you’re hitting something, you know, a little dead center, you have your ability to have this, lift the vehicle, send everything under the wheels, and you’ve got good Kawasaki strength here. You’ve got the variable rate springs up here, good solid, uh, strong steering out front. You’ve got a lot of toughness built into this. Now this is a rear wheel drive, not an all-wheel drive atv. So you still have the ability to have, you know, no power up here and you can have some fun with the rear end with this.

And of course you can govern the speed on this as well. Let’s take a look at the back end. So on the back end here, we have a chain driven single axle system. So it’s not an independent suspension, just a single suspension in the middle. Interestingly, instead of the drum brakes, like on the dirt bike, we have a disc brake system here. And again, although this isn’t road legal, you do have a brake light as well as a reflector right over here. So safety is built in. Now one other safety piece that’s built in is this little strap right here. This strap can be used if you’re walking behind this when your child is learning to ride it. And what’s cool about this is you can set the speed to go very, very slow and this would be a kill switch. So if you hold this sort of like a leash and they get away from you, you can pull it out and it will actually work as the kill switch. 
It will stop the vehicle in its track or at least turn the engine off, uh, right away. So you have the ability to teach your younger child on this K F X 50, not only K FX 90 by using this extra kill switch kind of leash system that’s attached to the rear of the vehicle. Taking a look at the left side handlebar here, this is also not a clutch. This vehicle is an automatic transmission, but there’s no shifting at all on this. So it’s twist and go. We’re gonna show you the throttle side a second actually shouldn’t say twist and go, it’s a thumb throttle, but it’s just throttle and go without any gear shifting from the dr from the user, from the rider. So this side here is your brake. So you’ve got a kill switch here and a start button right there and your brake again, nice big controls. Now let’s take a look at the right side controls. So the right side controls interesting here. You

Still still have the brake and then you have the thumb throttle right in here. So you can see that thumb throttle right there. And that can be limited as well to how fast, uh, or how much throttle you want the uh, child to use on this. One interesting thing is you have a parking brake right here. So I can squeeze this lever in here, I can push this down and as I push that down, that locks the brake on. That means it can’t roll anywhere. So if your child’s parking on a hill, they have the ability to use that uh, parking brake as well, which is very handy. So if you’re looking to get your kid into power sports, these are two great options. But let’s just talk really briefly about the dealer because you may have noticed things like Freddie the Frog sitting here. 

Well, if your kid buys one of these ATVs or if they buy a motorcycle, although really it’s you buying it for them, this comes with it. Everybody who buys an ATV or power sport of any kind here gets a Freddy of the frog or a teddy bear if you buy a vehicle, which is kind of fun. And I made a deal that if you buy one of these and quote the vehicle, I will throw in an extra Freddy of the frog with both of them. So you have a fun place for kids to shop here. There’s all kinds of fun things, there’s tons of selection and this is a very kid friendly place. There’s things like popcorn and there’s arcade games and all kinds of things. So they can both come check out their future ride, but they can also have fun while they’re here. 
And remember, this is a showroom stocked full even here in January full of all your summertime fun toys. So make sure you swing by Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports. And if you have questions about either of these or other models within the Kawasaki lineup that you wanna know more about, let me know the ones you want to know more about and I will make future videos for you as well. And if you have questions about these two, ask me in the comments because I can answer in the comments and in future videos. So I’m thank Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports for giving me access to their vehicles. And I also wanna thank you for watching.

2023 Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS Camo

Hi everybody, it’s Peter and in this video we’re gonna go over the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX EPS CAMOUFLAGE TRUETIMBER HTC GREEN Edition side by side. It’s a very long name for a vehicle that is very popular and works very well for a wide variety of people because it’s both a working side by side and a pleasure side by side. It’s a lot of fun. So in this video I’m gonna go over it as in detail as I can, but if I don’t cover everything, I wanna thank Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports here at Fredericton New Brunswick because they gimme complete access to their vehicle line. And if you have a question that I don’t get to make sure you hit the subscribe button and let me know when the comments, what you want to know. And I can bring this back in a future video and answer your comments in the questions or questions in the comments section.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…

So let’s get going with the review. So before we dig into the specifics of what this is, let’s talk about the basics of it. This is a 60 inch wide side by side, so it can still go down many trails. It gives you enough width to do a lot of the work you’re doing and it’s quite capable Specs alone. You can fit 700 pounds just in the cargo bed here alone, 1200 pounds overall on the vehicle. So very capable. It also tows 1500 pounds. So capability is absolutely there. This is a dump bed. We’ll show you that a little bit later. You’ve got good comfortable seating for two with some space between you. You’re not jam packed together. So you’ve got a good, uh, spacious seating area here and you’ve got really good quality suspension that gives you both capability on working as well as capability on the trail. 

So let’s start by taking a look at the front end and talk about that capability. So when we talk about capability, we really have to talk about the suspension. And you can see just from looking at this, this has nice suspension design has long arms of course independence, suspension front and rear. And the arms. Arms go a long ways in. So you’ve got over eight and a half inches of travel here and over nine inches of travel in the back, which is good suspension travel for something that’s gonna head on the trail, but also very work capable. You’ve got 25 inch tires here that are eight inches wide here and, and 10 inches back in the 10 inches wide in the rear, which gives you a little bit more capability to carry some of that weight as well. And then the real story of capability here involves what you can do with accessories.

Now obviously you can add a winch, you can add a plow, we’ll talk about more accessories as we walk through the thing. But you can make this very, very capable just by going through the accessories from the Kawasaki dealer Kawasaki network to bring this into something that you can use for all the work you need to do as well as have the fun that you need to have. So when we talk about capability and we look at the front here, there’s something that I think people overlook about the lighting here and I wanna show you the lighting. So we’re gonna turn on deep lights right there, you’ve got halogen right lights right here, and then over there you have your L E D lights. And why sort of a amber light versus a white light? Well, first of all, in the summer months and mostly the year, people really like the L E D lights. 

It gives you a nice clean white light. That white light helps you identify things that you maybe wouldn’t see otherwise. So when you’re heading down a trail at night, white light is closer to daylight and it makes it easier to identify what’s going on. But then this halogen light is great when you’re using this in the winter because the halogen lights create extra heat. So if you’re using this for a snow plow or something like that or just heading down the trail in the winter, these ones will melt that sleet and that snow and that ice right off of it where the L e D lights may not. Now the nice thing is you have the option of using either one as a high beam, so you can go high beam with the halogen lights right there, or you can go high beam with the L E D lights. 

So it kind of gives you a variety of lighting for all seasons. Of course you can add light bars and other kinds of lighting accessories to this, but you have that flexibility of halogen light when you want it and l e d light D when you need it. And of course you can turn both of’em on as well, which just gives you some extra practicality. So if we’re gonna talk about real capability, we have to talk about the bed back here. You’ve got a lot of nice features. First of all, you’ve got a tailgate that folds down here and a good size bed with a steel diamond plate bed in there. We can take a look at that in a second. The other things that people don’t always realize is you’ve got this rail system all the way across which you can attach accessories to, to use various things, but even just to tie down whatever you’ve got in here, you’ve got that ability.

This uh, rack here comes standard, which is gonna of course protect you from anything that’s packed high in the bed from coming into the driver’s environment. You do have the option of getting accessories to put headdress back here. I would wear a helmet when I’m on this vehicle, so it’s something that I don’t think I would need. But again, if you want the headrest there, you can do that as well. And then of course this is a dump bed, which means you can disconnect this side here and you can disconnect this side over here very easily and it is assisted and counterbalanced a little bit and you can lift that up. That allows you to both service things as well as use this as a dump bed, which makes it super practical. Taking a look inside the bed, you can see a couple things that I really like. 

You’ve got tie downs that are really close together here. So again, in, in addition to having this rail across, you’ve got specific areas where you can tie things down. There’s that diamond plate we talked about and you’ve got of course the tie downs on both sides. And then the tailgate has some nice features. This is plastic, this is steel, but you have those lips here that have a little bit of a ramp up. So if you’re dragging something outta here, it’s not getting stuck here, you can kind of drag it over there. It allows water to drain out. It’s nice and solid and you have little cup holders there if you wanna set something down and maybe have a lunch or do whatever you want right on the back of this. No problem’s. A lot of practicality in the bed here. Take a look at the back underneath the bed, you’ve got a lot of things to worth pointing out. 

First of all, a little bit extra wide tires here on the rear. So two inches wider than the front, which gives you that capability. You’ve got the strong solid a arm type suspension, independent rear suspension, which we talked about earlier. And then you have the two-inch ball, which means you can take or two inch uh, opening here, which means you can take your hitch balls from your truck and use them in here, which is super convenient. And that’s built into the frame so it’s not just a little bolt that you’re uh, bolting onto the frame and then putting hitch ball on. You’re putting your accessories in here the same way you would put them into your truck or your larger vehicle, which makes some sense to be able to do that. Everything else is nice and clean up here. You’ve got a little uh, do not touch hot surfaces, but that is a shield, uh, between you and the exhaust.

So while this does get hot, it’s not as hot as touching the ax actual exhaust. So you’ve got some extra protection here, locking differential, all-wheel drive. We’re gonna show you all about that as we head into the cab and show you the controls there. Hopping inside, you’re gonna see a couple things that I really like. You’ve got good solid doors here. They don’t feel real plasticy although of course they are plastic skinned but they also opened about 90 degrees. So you got a real wide area to be able to get in here. If you’re taking a dog along or something like that, you can sort of let them in. They can sit on the floor, they can sit up here with you on the bench. I’m about six feet tall so you can see here you’ve got tons of space here. Even with a helmet, there’s just all kinds of space. 

Very, very roomy for a two passenger unit. You’ve got some space between the seats here as we mentioned. So you can put some stuff here as well as have a second passenger and a lot of room. You’ve got really comfortable seating area even though it’s just a bench seat and it’s not sort of those custom bucket seats like in some of the other Kawasaki models. It’s a very comfortable environment. You have a tilt steering wheel which we can show you a little bit later. And then there’s the controls in here, which is what I want to get to next. So let’s get in a closer view of those. Now before we get to the main controls, I wanna show you a controller you’re gonna use all the time, which is a little bit different. Instead of the traditional vehicle style hand brake, you have this system here which is a turn system, which is your parking brake. 

So again, pull it to turn it on like that and it locks in place but it is a little different style. So I just wanted show you that. Let’s take a look at just above this right now. In this section here you can see my hand is on the wheel. So everything is easily within reach. You’ve got your gear shift here, which is a large lever. You can go low gear, high gear, neutral and reverse right there. Let’s turn the key to the on position without starting it up just to bring everything to life here. You’ve got your rear differential lock, which we talked about when we pointed out the back. Simple button there to press and it locks in place. And then you’ve got your four wheel drive tool, wheel drive button right there. Again, nice and simple, easy to put in place right there as well. 

We showed you the lights earlier. A single clip gives you the low beam, the outside or the left one here is the halogen lights. A double click gives you the high beam so you can always sort of tell that they are on. And same thing with your L e D lights there. Single click and a double click for the high beam. So very easy to use. You’ve got sort of preset cutouts here for four more accessories as you want. There’s also a 12 volt port down here to the right of this, there’s a small place to put your um, little bit of stuff. We’ll show you that in just one second. There’s some cup holders as well. So let’s just take a look at that right now. So over here, here’s that sort of small kind of opening there. You can set some stuff as you’re traveling along. 

There’s a cup holder there. Same thing on the driver’s side with actually both of these. We’ll show you that in a second. And you have a small glove box in there which is lockable as well. So you can stick your ownership or other things in there. There’s another hatch on the front that we can show you in a second and then we’ll show you the driver’s side here as well. Looking through the steering wheel from the center, you can see that same type of area here, same type of storage area on this side. Same type of cup holder here on this side as well. And like I said, that steering wheel does tilt. It comes a long ways down to get outta the way or sets into any position that you want to be comfortable. So very good adjustment there. Let’s take a look at the dash and just see what you have in there. 

So very familiar Kawasaki Dash in these types of units, this is sort of the basic unit that gives you kind of everything you need. Nothing you don’t. You’ve got the various warning lights here. EPS is that red light there for electric power steering. If you have any issues with that, that light will come on. Our parking brakes on, we’re in neutral uh, telling me to do it. My seatbelt here, you’ve got a clock on the left. A two wheel drive, four-wheel drive indicator because that will actually light when it’s actually engaged in four-wheel drive. So if you press the button, uh, to the left of this display and it’s not actually showing you that it’s in four-wheel drive, it’s just because it hasn’t actually engaged yet. So when you see that kind of fill in there, then you know it’s actively in four wheel drive. 

And then you’ve got the fuel gauge here. Very clear, easy to-read speedometer down there. And in your odometer section you’ve got trip a, trip B and an hour meter as well. So everything you need, nothing you don’t. Nice little weatherproof area. You can see this unit was sitting outside earlier. There’s water on it. Not a problem at all. I mentioned that storage compartment in the front here. So lemme just show you how easy that is to get to here. And of course as I say that, it’ll be stuck for me. There we go. Pull that out. You have a little storage area here which has some waterproofness, more water resistance ness. There’s been sitting out in the weather and there is no water in here. Although I think if you were to take it in muddy off-road situations, you’d have to be a little aware that water could get in here. 

There is a little tiny drain hole on both sides here, but you do have enough space to stick, uh, various valuables, lunch, whatever you want. Some extra things in there. If you don’t wanna put it in the bed or the cab, you’ve got a little space right there. Little bit of coolant service right here as well, which also allows you to just access it. So super simple to reach. Before I go too far, I wanna make sure I point out this camel stuff. The camel design that we have here, it is a really nice real tree type camel. It really shows the oak leaves and other things in various stages. There’s green and brown oak leaves, the sticks and that kind of thing. It is a very nice looking camel and it’s actually my favorite look out of all of the designs here rather than a regular paint job. 

I think this looks really, really sharp. So before we get into who this is really for, let’s just talk about a couple things that can really make it right for you. There are so many accessories for the mule lineup within the Kawasaki line that you can kind of equip it any way you want. You can soft close in this cab. You can hardly close it in with hard doors, hard walls. You can get the windshield, you can get a, this comes with this plastic roof. You can get a steel roof, you can close in the back. You can get a heater installed in this to keep you warm in the winter. Of course we talked about plows wins, other things on the front, light bars. There are so many things including a number of accessories for the cargo bed here that you can use to make this yours. 

So who is this for? Well, this is for all kinds of people, but why would you want this one over some of the other mules? Well, there was the Mule ProSX that have already done a video on, which was the roughly 50 inch, I think it’s 52 and a half inch, 52.6 inches actually is the, uh, smaller version that is a two passenger that is almost ATV size and that’s an option for you. For the two passenger. For me, I quite like this size. It’s not huge in the sense that it’s just a really, really wide thing. I brought it into this section here through a double man door, uh, rather than an actual vehicle base. So it fits into smaller areas. It goes, uh, through tighter trails, that kind of thing. But it still gives you enough space and I think that’s a real nice thing. Same thing if you’re putting a plow on the front, you’ve got the width you need, but it’s not as wide as a vehicle. And the bed back here, it’s again, the space you need

But not as big as your truck bed or something like that. So it’s kind of that in between perfect, uh, unit that is very value priced. When you consider what you’re getting for this, something that can take you out on the trail, something that can do the work you need it to do and you can justify it for many, many reasons. So is it right for you? Well, that’s for you to decide. Let me know when the comments, what you think about this unit. And again, if you have questions, there’s two options for you. One, you can let me know when the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. But you can also swing by here at Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports, where they have all kinds of mules. You can see the lineup side by side. Uh, compare them side by side. You can compare different vehicles, different widths, different capabilities, different accessories. All of them. You can see them for yourself. You can sit in them, you can see which one’s best for you in person. That’s one of the great things about being able to have access to the product line here at Jim Gilberts powerSports, Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada. So thanks everybody for watching and remember, if you have questions, let me know and if you wanna see them in person, swing by Jim Gilbert’s. Thanks for watching everyone.

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2023 Kawasaki Teryx4 – with tracks…

Entry-level trim is perfect for making it your own!

Hi everybody, it’s Peter and I’m here in the Jim Gilbert’s Powersport showroom because this doesn’t fit into my video bay. Today we’re gonna talk about the TerraX four and we’re gonna talk about the tracks that are on this one as well. This is the base model and the best thing about the TerraX four is you can add accessories to make it anything you want to make it. And you can take an entire crew of people, you can take four people easily in this thing. I love this thing. So we’re gonna go take a look at it right now. So before we get too far in this review, I’m gonna do my best to give you as in-depth of review as I can of this thing, including its accessories. However, if there’s something that I don’t get to and there will be things that I don’t get to you that you wanna know about more, let me know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe because one of the best things about being here at Jim Gilbert’s Powersports is they give me complete access to their entire, entire Kawasaki lineup. 
And I get to come back to your questions in both the comments section and in future videos. So let’s talk about this vehicle right here. This is the TerraX four V between 800. So you’ve got good power here. Traditionally this comes with smaller wheels and there’s also a two passenger version, which I’ll show you right now. Uh, that is a just a two-seater and that’s the, the wheels that are on the one that you’re looking at on the screen right now are the same wheels that would come on this one right here. 

The difference is, of course, this one is had the tracks accessories. Now in that base model form, it’s the perfect sort of platform to accessorize it up because you’re only paying for what you need and nothing more. And when we talk about a base model, you wouldn’t expect it to have fox piggyback shocks that we’re gonna talk about here.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…

You wouldn’t expect it to have sort of the nice trim details in here. It doesn’t feel at all like a base model, but like I said, it’s a really good platform to start building things on. So before we got talking too much about this, let’s address the tracks and talk about what they are, what they’re good for, how simple they are, and then we’ll move on to a review of this vehicle itself. So the first thing you need to know about these tracks is we all think winter. And of course these are great for the winter. So whereas a traditional wheel will just have a very small contact patch, this extends your contact patch and it’s different in the front and rear. The rear tracks are longer and they have even more extension, which means more contact to the ground. These have a little bit of a dip to them and that allows for some steering capability, but they’re not just for the winter.

So if you put these on for the winter, obviously the idea is these can float on snow, it will limit your top speed a little bit, you have to slow it down a little bit, but still fully capable, I think 40 kilometers an hour or so, which is a pretty good speed for when you’re getting out into snow like this. And you don’t have to have the snow packed down. You can head out onto the unpacked snow and really continue moving. But if you put them on in the winter and let’s say spring hits, you don’t have to immediately take them off. These are four season tracks and we’re gonna talk about what that means as you go through. But the biggest thing is as that snow melts, everything gets swampy and muddy and whether you’re going through ponds or streams or other stuff like that, it’s gonna give you the traction you need and they’re fully capable of staying on right through four seasons, but for sure into that spring weather.

So you can go through the snow, keep ’em on those swampy areas and if you’ve got a property or trail system or something that really requires you to have a lot of traction that you wouldn’t get from the base model of this with the traditional wheels, these are a pretty cool option and they also look pretty cool. So it’s pretty simple install just bolts right on. Uh, can come on and off quite easily, uh, to the uh, system here. It’s a very simple process. So uh, we’ll have a link to those, uh, or at least to the name of what those are in the description. So I make sure I get the exact model numbers right for this. But let’s move on to the vehicle now. So when I talk about the Kawasaki Teryx4 basically this is a very unique four passenger unit. There are two passenger units and they actually share a wheel base between the two passenger and four passenger.

On the four passenger door, you do have a little extra length, which is basically sitting right here. So keep in mind with wheels right here, the wheels would end here. Little bit extra overhang here and that’s it, which means this is fully trail capable, it has a nice tight turning circle and like I said, two passenger, four passenger, you’re basically dealing with the same footprint from a wheel based perspective and from a width and everything else. Let’s talk about those pock fox piggyback shocks in a second. But before we go too far, I just wanna show you how comfortable this is in a both driver and passenger environment. Now this one has a windshield on it that’s an accessory from a driver’s perspective. You have these really tall seats. So many of these vehicles have a bench seat and Kawasaki’s bench seats are comfortable, but you can’t argue with the bucket seat.

It’s just a more comfortable seat. You can move them around. You have the tilt steering wheel. I can get comfortable right here, but sitting where I’m comfortable, you can still sit there. And again, the, the height is a little different with the tracks on, but you can still sit there and jump in here where as a six footer, even with a helmet on, even with the roof on here, I have tons and tons of space. So you can fit a full six footer plus behind a six footer plus in this vehicle. And because it’s sort of a stadium style seating, I’m looking over the driver and I have a fantastic view even though I’m sitting behind the driver. So a real big advantage of the Kawasaki Teryx4 is not a huge wheel base because it was started off as a four passenger vehicle and then they created a two passenger out of it instead of the other way around.

But there’s not a whole lot of wheel base, but there is a ton of space for riders. So we’ll show you a little more of the inside a second, but that’s the big advantage to this TerraX four is you have the flexibility and maneuverability of a two passenger while being able to take four passengers. So when we talk about maneuverability, that’s great, but let’s talk about capability. And we keep mentioning, or at least I keep mentioning these fox shocks in here. Again, even on the base model, you’ve got these fox shocks and this makes a difference because so many of these side by sides are work focus machines first and play second. And this is play first, but it’s kind of like an in-between or the Kawasaki lineup.

You’ve got that Kawasaki KRX above it, which is a really, you know, massive suspension travel. But then you’ve got this, which is a nice mix for trail riding and that’s really where this uh, shines.

So these fox piggyback shocks, the reason you want piggyback shocks is because as the sharks compress and go in and out and do their thing, they create some heat and this is gonna allow that heat to sit over here to dissipate some of that heat, which means as you’re going on those really rough roads, really rough trails, it’s gonna give you consistent performance in the suspension. So this really matters and none of this suspension has to be modified to fit on these tracks. So this is what you’re getting, whether you have wheels or tracks. The tracks actually make it a little easier to see, uh, out here, but a really nice system of beefy a arms and the fox piggyback shock. The other big feature here on the Teryx4 is this bed. Now this one has an accessory, which I quite like. It has a little extra cargo box in here which you can flip up and take a look inside.
It’s kind of got some struts and it holds everything in a potentially lockable, but at least uh, enclosed scenario. Now, this again is an accessory back here as this, as a, you know, tiny little pickup bed, you can hold about 250 pounds. Now the two passenger does hold more weight, uh, in the bed itself, but of course it doesn’t have to uh, deal with passengers. But for me, 200, uh, in 50 pounds, I mean really you’re gonna be carrying a cooler your stuff for the day and it’s just enough to take everything you want, not having it in the passenger compartment. But everything back here, this cargo box actually makes it feel a little smaller than it is, but of course it does close it in, which makes it kind of convenient. But kind of that perfect scenario for, again, not really a work machine, more of a play machine allowing you to take everything you need with you.

 So before we take a look at the front seat and the technology and the features in there, I wanted to show you the backseat one more time. You’ve got wide opening doors, not quite 90 degrees, but pretty close to it and they, although they are plastic, they don’t feel really plasticy and chinsy over here is a bar that makes it easier to climb in. You can sort of climb in here again, it’s a little taller with the tracks than it would be with the wheels shut that door. Your handle is only on the outside. So the inside is nice and clean. Nothing to grab, nothing to latch onto your clothes or anything else. And you can see again, I’ve got tons of space. The big feature here is this bar that runs the entire way across. You can kind of see it come over here and come across, which means no matter where you’re sitting, no matter where you’re turning, you’ve got an ability to hold onto something here to kind of keep you in place depending on, you know, both G forces, the way the vehicle’s turning and again, space is very good.

There is a 12 volt port back here, some cup holders, those kind of things. And you have the plastic floor with drainage holes in there. So if dirt, water, whatever comes in, it will drain out and keep you relatively away from all of that stuff compared to something like an atv. You also have this little shoulder piece right here, which may be hard to see on camera, but again, if you really kind of get pushed to the side, the seats do a pretty good job of holding you in. You are seat belted in here as well, but you have this little extra piece both in the driver. The driver has a pad on there, but also here for the passenger, which is just a little extra thing for both a grab handle, getting in and out, but also to keep your shoulder there. So rear seat is excellent back here.
Now let’s take a look at the front seat and some of the technology in here. Again, keep in mind this is a base model unit. So before I jump in the driver’s seat, I just wanna show you the lighting area here and I’m gonna do a real, uh, not so uh, clean kind of zoom in here to the lighting area on the left side of your screen. And you can see it’s labeled as outer and there’s a blank spot there. Now higher levels have outer and inner lights and you can do both l e d and incandescent and including a mix of both. So I just wanna show you the lights out front to show you what I’m talking about and to tell you about what you can add and take away here. So looking at the headlights right there, you can see when I turn it onto the low beam setting, you’re gonna have this halogen light that’s a little bit more yellowy light than some of the whiter L e D lights.

And a lot of our vehicles have a mix between halogen and L E d. If you wanted to add accessories to this vehicle or if you moved up trim lines, you can get an L e D in here. This one’s just got a blank and that’s why you have just the outer lights and not inner lights. It does have a high beam setting as well, so there’s low and high beam, but if you were to get an L E D light in here, you can get high and low beam there as well, which gives you that more whiter, closer to daylight color. So again, just options with the accessories and again on this base model you kind of have some room to maybe get those, these halogen lights are worth keeping around if you’re planning on using this in snow, like for instance this one with the tracks because the halogen lights actually have a little bit of heat to them where the L e D lights really don’t.

So when you have that snow splashing up here on a halogen light, it will melt away and you’ll continue to have that good visibility. Whereas an L E D light may not have as much heat and that’s why you can always sometimes get both For most of the time here, people really like that white bright l e d light and of course you could add light bars and all kinds of things to this, but having these halogen lights around might be a good idea if you’re planning to use this in the winter for that specific reason to help you melt that snow. Jumping in the driver’s environment of this TerraX four is pretty simple. Just uh, hit the, hit the latch right there. Door opens again just about to 90 degrees and you can see it’s perched up pretty high. So again, if you’re going through water or anything else, you’re nice and square and that’s how they get the leg room in the back.

If you had your legs sort of spread out a lot further, like on this angle, you’d have to have more leg room, but because your legs are kind of square in there and it drives uh, a lot like a truck or even like a Jeep or something like that, you get a little more square, you get a little bit of extra height in there and it gives you some great visibility. Now there is a tilt wheel here because I have a hand on a camera holder right now or a camera mount. I won’t be able to show you how that works, but it is a nice strong hydraulic that lifts way up and way down so you can get comfortable and it’s a nice compact steering wheel. It feels really good in the hands. Again, this one does have a windshield on it that’s not standard on uh, this particular model, but that’s what we have here today.
Zooming into this general area, you’ll see some glare on the camera that you won’t see in real life. Again, a camera films with one eye, your eyes, uh, see with two. So you kind of diffuse that, uh, glare a lot more when you’re just uh, looking at it. And I have no issues seeing this in any way with uh, my two eyes. So keys over here you’ve got your two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and your lock switch right there. I dunno if you can kind of see it right there. Uh, super simple to use there. And again, because this is a lower trim level without a whole lot of accessories, you’ve got lots of spaces to add extra things as you need to. You do have a 12 volt port here. You also have a 12 volt port in the back seats so you can again, power things front and rear

And a pretty basic and simple display that works very, very well. So one thing I like about this display here, it says two wheel drive right now I can switch it to four wheel drive and it won’t, even though you heard a sort of mechanical kind of it grabbing on because it didn’t officially go into four wheel drive, it doesn’t light up. So what you have here is a switch which says I’ve turned it to four-wheel drive but until it actually locks into four-wheel drive, this display does not, uh, light up. So some things are powered by just a switch, which is not true. Uh, when you’re stuck in some mud or anything else, you wanna know if you’re in four-wheel drive or not and it will tell you exactly that it has fully engaged, not just that you’ve turned the switch, which is a nice feature right down there.

Speedometer here, which in Canada, so it’s set to kilometers per hour. You’ve got a full tag of fuel, you’ve got a clock, you’ve got trip A, you’ve got trip B and you’ve got an hour meter and that’s all you need. So simple, simple stuff down there. Down here we’ve got Freddy the Frog, he’s uh, Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports, uh, mascot. He’s pretty cool. He speaks and as well tells you his whole life story if you squeeze him.

So if you come down this visit the story, you can see that and you’ve got a little space here to put your phone in most phones now or waterproof or at least my iPhone is so, uh, or at least water resistance so you can keep it out if you wanted to. Uh, you’ve also got little bits of storage areas down here, little bit of storage area down there.You do have a glove box in there as well. So lots of little interior storage areas here. And then you have your shifter down here, low range, high range neutral and reverse this, although it looks like a parking brake is just a passenger hand hold. So they have something to sort of grab onto you to stay secure as you’re going through rough terrain. And your hand brake is actually back here again, just like all the old fashioned cars used to have the hand brakes. Now of course everybody’s moved to electronic hand brakes on a lot of the cars, but that’s your quick review of the interior basic stuff. Again, I should throw you the floor here. Uh, you do have those holes in the floor so as water comes in you’ve got good dead pedals at the passenger side there. So you have a dead pedal left and right to keep them really secure.
Uh, any water that comes in is gonna drain out. And then the driver’s environment here you can see my big size 11 feet easily fit in here and you’ve got the dead pedal over there as well if we can try to get it to focus on that. I don’t know if I can. Well we tried and then of course the gas pedal and brake pedal just uh, metal of course. So there for durability, uh, perforations in the brake pedal just to allow that, uh, mud and everything else to move through. So simple, simple interior, but again, very, very comfortable. I wanna flip the camera around just to show you again the driver’s environment because these seats are really good. Even though you’re gonna be wearing a helmet, you haven’t got the headrest that comes right up to where your head is. And I think that’s a good thing cuz you want to have that really good space for your helmet as you’re kind of steering moving.
If you’re going downhill, you kind of naturally lean way back. And of course in a vehicle like this you’re gonna be going down much deeper hills than you would in a car. So even though they look like they have sort of a headrest here, what it really is is a full back support that comes up to a little tilted area with plenty of room for your helmet. It’s never gonna be in the way. This traditionally on this trim level does not come with a roof. This is a soft, uh, enclosure roof. You can get hard enclosures, soft enclosures, you can do all kinds of things with these, but you would have this sort of uh, bar right here. One of the things I really like is this nice big wide angle mirror there you can see me in it there. Uh,

It’s just, just a nice feature to have to be able to see not just behind you but in this four passenger I think this makes a lot of sense because you can glance up and see the big grins on the faces of your passengers behind you, which is part of the fun of having a four passenger TerraX four. So who is a vehicle like this four? Well first of all obviously the four passengers. I mean you understand it that works for you or doesn’t. I think it’s great to have a four passenger vehicle that really fits full-size adults my size and much larger than me and you’re able to take them in a compact wheel base, which I think makes a lot of sense. This is a vehicle built for the trails. Yes, it can do a little bit of work, it can tow a little bit, it can carry enough weight, uh, and you can certainly use it for that kind of stuff.

But this is built for the trails. It’s a fun machine built for the fun. What I like about this base model is you start off with a good fox suspension and then you can deck do it up as you want. If you wanna add larger wheels, you can do that. If you wanna add tracks, you can do that. If you wanna start accessorizing your Teryx4 this is a great model. Start with there’s a whole bunch of them here in stock. They haven’t even been assembled yet. So you can come get them here at Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports Fredericton and decorate them up the way you want in order to spend the money on the pieces that you want. That’s sometimes the tough thing when you’re buying various, uh, power sports things. Everybody makes you go to a certain trim line to get certain things.

And the thing with this in this, uh, sort of the trim line that we’re looking at today is you can choose just the accessories you want without having to pay for things that you don’t want. And I think that has value. So if you’re looking for something that’s fun, something that can go on the trails and something that can take your family out or you can just go out with one or two people, this is a great size point for that. Yes, you could set it up with tracks and they’re pretty cool. Uh, but you know, in a vehicle like this that’s really up to you and you need to have the environment to do that. Uh, these are pretty cool because like I said, they’re not just winter tracks. So if I haven’t answered your questions, make sure you let me know on the comments below because like I said here at Jim Gilbert’s Power Sports Canada’s Huggable Power Sports dealer, this is an absolutely amazing place to come buy stuff and, uh, to come talk to the staff here. They know their stuff, they’re super, super friendly and they’ll just take care of you. If you have questions, you can come see them in person. And again, if you have questions for me, let me know in the comments section because they allow me to come back to these vehicles and to make more and more videos to make sure I answer your questions. Thanks everybody for watching.

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2023 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXR 

Capable, Fun! – An Excellent Side By Side! – Full review!

Hi, everybody, it’s Peter and I am here with the Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXR EPS 4×4. Crazy long title, but what this is, is the workhorse or work mule, if you will, of the lineup that’s also sporty, fun to drive. And unlike the SX model that we filmed a couple weeks ago, this one’s a little bit larger, a little bit more family friendly, and personally I like it better.


So here we are outside Kawasaki Way. We want to thank Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports for giving me full access to their complete line of Kawasaki and other vehicles so that we can give you reviews. And if you haven’t seen our channel before, do me a favor if you have any questions about this unit, I’m going to do my best to answer as many as I can, but there’s no way I’ll get to everything.


So if you have a question, subscribe, hit me in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer the question. But the best thing is because Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals is so customer focused, they’re allowing me to come back to this vehicle again and again and I can make more videos to answer more of your questions and hopefully it won’t be slightly snowing and slightly this cold.


One thing I want to say about Kawasaki Way, and we talk about Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports, the commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are here at Fredericton, New Brunswick and you want to buy something like this, you could take it down Kawasaki Way, which is their private off-road test track. That’s commitment to customers. That’s kind of amazing. All right, let’s get going with this review.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…


So I’ll be blunt, I think this is an overlooked and sometimes ignored machine for the fun crowd. I think it is certainly something that appeals to the work crowd, but has a lot of fun. And let’s talk about the work aspect of it for a second. This thing can hold over 1600 pounds, which means a thousand of it. A thousand pounds can be in the bed and you still have over 600 pounds, which you can put in the cargo space. It tows 2000 pounds.


It’s got a three cylinder inline engine that is quiet and you can communicate with your passengers, you can communicate and hear the world around you. It is a really good unit for work, but it’s also great for play. You can see the styling here, they kind of attack some things interestingly. Now doesn’t have a wint on this one you could put that on. And that’s the one thing about these Mule, all of the Mule lineup really is a lot of these competitors you can kind of option them up.


They start looking kind of goofy, kind of silly. These ones you can option up, they still look super cool and it’s got little features here that I think are super smart. It’s just gently snowing right now. I’m not sure if you could see that on the camera. I did mention that earlier in the video. I want to show you the headlights here. We’re going to go high beams.


You know this right here is a halogen headlight. I’m not sure how well they show on the camera, but the halogen light is high and low beam. And then you have a bright white LED. What I like about this is when you’re in the cool weather like this, these halogen lights, they create a little bit of heat. I can feel a little bit of heat coming off there so you don’t have snow and ice building up there.


However, you’ve also got these white lights, which eh, not so much heat there, but the white LED is that closer to daylight color. So when you’re out in the trails and you see something crossing your path, you can tell was that a raccoon or was that a skunk? Your brain will recognize things quicker with this white color because it’s a closer to daylight color, it allows you to identify things quickly. So when you have both of them there, you get a nice mix of color.


But again, having a halogen or halogen and LED mix is actually pretty smart for a four seasoned vehicle, which this can be. You can close this in and get it really comfortable inside. And again, you’ll have headlights that are going to melt that snow. So really super smart piece right there. So let’s talk a little bit about what you see on the side here.


First of all, you have these 27 inch wheels. They are a little different front and rear. They’re two inches wider on the rear. So you’ve got some extra capacity here to carry some of that weight. Like we said, 2000 pound towing capacity, thousand pounds in the bed and even after a thousand pounds in the bed, over 600 pounds in here still. And if you don’t have a thousand pounds in the bed, again, 1600 plus pounds capacity. So really good capacity. Those wider tires give you great traction, but they also give you some of that extra capacity. Alongside here there’s your dump bed, you can pull that lever and this whole bed can dump, which is pretty cool. Little taller up here, about 11 inches up to the top of the box here, but taller when you include these rails in here. And the rails are nice to have because you can accessorize things across.

:You have tie downs the entire way across. You’ve got protection here for anything in the back that comes up high. It’s not going to fall on you in the head like in your cargo area. And again, the doors here, which are quality doors, a lot of these doors are really flimsy and chinsy. These ones, they have a nice solid clunk to them. I don’t know how that plays on the mic, but they have a nice solid feel even though they’re still very fairly thin, which gives you that cargo capacity inside.

We’re going to take a look at the cockpit area in a second, but let’s take a look at the very back first. So in the back you’ve got that pickup truck style. You’ve got the Kawasaki lit across the back here. This is just a reflector. It looks like a light on your screen but it’s not. The lights are in here. They work well. This one is sort of a tougher looking bumper there. It’s a steel bumper. It says it’s not a step, which is a little deceiving to me because although it is angled and it certainly feels like it should be strong enough to be a step. You’ve got some clearance out here to get your hitch in there. Everything’s centralized. So mass is centralized and forward of the wheels. You’ve got a great departure angle in there. So you can really take this on the trails offroad, have some fun.


And you’ve got double wishbone suspension here. You’ve got disc brakes all around. So you’ve got a quality unit. The exhaust is way up high up here so you don’t have that sort of steaming burning smell and you go through some of the wet areas and that kind of thing. But you’ve got some just good overall clearance.


And again, the practicality is in this bed. Let’s just take a look at it for a second. Taking a look at the bed here, it’s very wide. It’s a little bit wider than it is long, but probably squares out when you drop the tailgate. I’ll throw the specs on screen for the length, width and height of this bed. Diamond coated steel down here. So you’ve got really a lot of strength and like I said, a thousand pounds. It’s actually a practical bed to do things, to move stuff around your yard, to take stuff out on a day trip, Whatever you want to do, you’ve got the ability to take it here. It’s a quality bed. And we liked that the Mule SX before a little bit narrower unit. It felt like it was a usable bed but more around the yard. Whereas this one you can really get some work done as well.


And I appreciate that. It’s just, again, not too long because you want that short wheel base to get around to have the tight turning circle, but all the width and space that you need to do most everything.

Speaker 1:

Now let’s jump in, Take a look inside and you’ve got a lot of things that I really like here. First of all, you’ve got a lot of space and there’s models within the Kawasaki lineup that have the full bucket seats and I always figured those would be more comfortable. But you’ve got a nice square seating position with lots of room here, a fairly flat floor of just a slight step up in the middle there. And you have a three passenger bench here with shoulder belts on every seat, which is kind of nice to have. The passenger has a grab handle up here, I’m not sure if you can see it in there.


The center passenger has a grab handle up here. You’ve got bars on the side here. I’m not sure if you can see them in your shot that sort of keep your shoulders in so you can really kind of maneuver around, cup holders up front. Space to store your stuff here, space store your stuff here. A dash here, which we’re going to show you in a little bit more space, a little glove box there.


But the bigger thing is three people have all the space that they need up here. And again, the one thing about this one is that inline three cylinder engine really is quiet. It allows you to have the communication. So sometimes when you’re out on the trails, by the time you’re wearing a helmet and everything else, especially if you’re wearing a full face helmet, you really can’t hear the person next to you where this one, it tones down the engine, allows you to kind of get out into nature and experience nature.


And again, you can have that communication with someone. What I also like is with this relatively flat floor, big plastic area. If you’re taking a dog along some of that, maybe they want to sit in the seat, but maybe they want to sit down there, you’ve got some space to take them along, keep them protected. And again, you can accessorize this up. So on a day like today where it’s quite cold, you can close this in and make it comfortable.


All right, now that we’re inside the cabin, I want to show you a couple little things. Left side here is your parking brake easily accessible and out of the way of your passengers, which is kind of handy. You’ve got a really nice sports steering wheel. Now I am in a wide angle kind of view here, so it kind of skews everything left and right, but you can sort of see a nice sort of sports steering wheel. It is tilt adjustable, so you can do that.


And then you’ve got the gear shift there. So low range, high range, neutral and reverse. Easy to reach from the driver and out of the way of your passenger. And then you’ve got of course the rear locking. Let’s just start up actually, yeah, you know what, we will start it up sure. To show you how quiet it is. So I’m just talking normally you can hear it on my mic. Yeah, quite nice. So there’s your locking rear differential right there or locking differential. You’ve got your four wheel drive and two wheel drive.


You’ve got the headlights. Remember I said the headlights, the outer headlights are your halogen ones. Just the regular lights are on. Then your high beams are on like that, blues indicates that high beams and then your inner headlights. Those are the LED ones. Again, regular lights, high beams there again. So you’ve got those dual lights. Places for extra accessories right there. Places for extra accessories over here. We’ve got some rain on here, rain, snow mix, whatever it is. What I like about the all-wheel drive thing, this is simple. Simple is really good to me. You’ve got some glare there that shows on the camera. I don’t see it with my actual eyes. When you look at it with two eyes, the glare kind of dissipates when you look at it with one eye of the camera, it can be harder to film


Fuel gauge right there. The basics down low. The two wheel drive, four wheel drive indicator. I really like this because even if I was to switch it into four wheel drive, let’s just try it right now. I switched into four wheel drive, okay, it did show if it doesn’t engage, this indicator doesn’t actually change with the switch, it changes with the actual engagement. So sometimes you have to just roll forward half an inch or a little bit. So you know if you’re stuck, if you’ve got two wheel drive or four wheel drive, it just makes a ton of sense.


Down here you’ve got accessory power, so 12 volt outlets there. And again, lots of storage space, lots of space here on the seat. And with the dual, two extra seats here as well. FXR sitting there on the seat there. Again, a really comfortable, impressive vehicle that’s just not too fancy, but works really well for a lot of people.


So let’s talk about who this is really for. I didn’t think it would be something for me. I don’t need to do a ton of work. I don’t really need a work unit. But having the bed, having the capability, having the ability to tow 2000 pounds means I can tow my tent trailer around my yard with this, which is highly maneuverable compared to something like a pickup truck. It allows me to take my utility trailer, take all kinds of things around, no problem. It is actually still very compact in wheel base. So it goes down the trails I want to go down. And the one benefit with this is because it’s not really designed for that high speed attack everything kind of attitude, it actually gives you a more comfortable compliant ride in my opinion than some of the more sport oriented vehicles in the lineup, which makes this kind of perfect for a do it all vehicle.


Now again, it is wider. If you need something narrower an ATV type size, you can get the Mule Pro SX. But this FXR, EPS stands for Electric Power Steering. We’ve already covered 4×4. This model is really a do it all vehicle for a lot of people. It comes with this sunshade up top. So you’ve got a little bit of protection on the hot, hot days. And again, like I said, you can close it in, you can do all kinds of accessories for this. I got to admit, it’s a vehicle that really impressed me far more than I thought. And now I kind of leaning towards something that’s uber practical like this over something that is designed for more fun but probably more fun than I’m going to need.


This one is comfortable, practical, and just super utilitarian with a whole lot of important details thought out and it looks pretty cool. So if you want to know more about this vehicle, let me know when the comments hit the subscribe button because we can come back to it. We can go over it again and again and we’re going to have all kinds of vehicles, everything in the lineup. We’re going to get on video over the course of the next little while to make sure that you have this and other ones to compare it to. And if there’s a comparison you want to see, let me know.


And I want to thank Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports. If you are in Fredericton, like I say, you talk about a customer satisfaction, a commitment to customer satisfaction, Kawasaki Way, All wheel drive test track. This is Canada’s huggable car and powerSports dealer. They are the most customer focused dealership I can imagine. They’re incredible. And like I said, they give me access to the lines. So we want to thank them giving me access to the lineup. If you have any other questions, let know. Thanks everybody for watching.

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2023 Kawasaki Mule SX, Trail Capable Workhorse  Complete In depth Review

Hey everybody, it’s Peter. In this review, we’re going to review the Kawasaki MULE SX. This one happens to be the XC. It’s a four-by-four. This is the narrower Kawasaki MULE, and that makes it somewhat trail capable. We’re standing outside Kawasaki Way, which is the test track at Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports, and you can take something like this out before you buy it and test it on the off-road trails to see if it’s right for you.


Before we go too far, I’m going to do a walk-around review of this vehicle, but if there’s something that I don’t answer, make sure you ask me in the comments below because Jim Gilbert’s is amazing. They allow me full access to their complete product line and they have a test track for you to test. They’re just totally focused on customers, and that’s what I get to do is tell you everything you want to know and I’ll have access to this vehicle again and again and again, so if there’s a question that I don’t answer, let me know because I can make a future video to make sure you get all the questions that you need.


Like I said, if you’re ready to buy something like this, swing on down to Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports in Fredericton, New Brunswick because they are an absolute destination store. They have had the Kawasaki line for just a few years and they’re already the number one volume Kawasaki dealer in the country. There’s my ad, I suppose.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy… this is a great review ether way…

All right, let’s dig into what we’ve got here. This is something that really intrigues me. It is not that much more expensive than a typical ATV. It’s also not that much bigger than a typical ATV. If you go on Kawasaki’s website, they’ll tell you, this is pickup truck-able or it fits in the bed of a pickup truck. I don’t know if I would do that. I mean just because you can, doesn’t mean you would, but it’s absolutely something you can take on a smaller trailer. It’s just over 52 inches wide, so it fits down the trails that most ATVs go down and it allows you to do some work.


In this review, we’re going to do a full walk around review of all the features in this vehicle to help you decide if it’s right for you. When you look at advertisements for this or when people talk about it, they’re going to talk about it as a do-it-all type vehicle, and that’s not quite true. The last video I did on an off-roading vehicle from Kawasaki was the KRX 1000. That certainly does things that this can’t do, but for a lot of people this is going to be the perfect mix for a one unit thing that does everything you want it to do.


Like I said, because of the width, it’s trail capable, because of the short wheel base, it’s got the tight turning circle. It’s very much capable on a trail and it has a very comfortable spot for two people. We’ll talk about that in a second. The other thing I really like about this is, although it’s a relatively smaller engine, you’re not going to be going crazy, crazy fast on this, it’s a very capable engine. It tows 1100 pounds. The other thing I like about this whole powertrain is that it is fuel injected, so whether you’re using this in the winter for snow plowing or just in the summer for trails, there’s no adjustment, there’s no carb worries or anything like that. It warms up, it gets ready, it’s ready to go, but it’s also air cooled.


Now, normally I prefer liquid cooling in just about every power sport I have, but the air cooling simplifies things. It’s less systems to worry about, less systems of maintenance, to take care of maintenance. If you do some of your own maintenance, it’s a simpler vehicle. I think that really appeals to certain people.


Now let’s talk about the overall exterior here. You can see the real camo paint or the real camo, I call it paint, it’s the coloring of it. I don’t know whether it’s paint or not these days. You’ve got the steel wheels. Again, simple, basic, and the 26 inch by nine inch by 12 inch rim tires, so 26 inch tires on a 12 inch rim. Good off-road tread, good capability, and again, you can use this around your yard, but you can also take it out on the trail.


What I like out front is you do have this big extra crash bar. If you’re just using this for work on your yard, you probably don’t really need this, but if you’re taking out some trails or if you’ve got trails in your yard, maybe where they’re a little less maintained, this will protect it. Now, and that is real, as you heard, when I bang my ring against it, a real steel crash bar there.


You don’t have a wench down here, but you can add it, and that’s the one thing with this MULE SX. It has one of the most diverse group of accessories out of almost any Kawasaki vehicle, so you can enclose this in with soft covers, with hard covers. You can put a plow on the front, you can do all kinds of things, front, back cab. You can put heat inside, so if you enclose this down, you can get a heater inside. There’s just so many things you can do with accessorizing this up the way you want and the value is there. Like I said, this is not a whole lot different than something like an ATV in pricing, so you’re not into that huge expensive side-by-side pricing. You’re down in that ATV pricing, so you can afford those accessories to do the things that you need to do. This is a work vehicle that’s capable of play.


Let’s take a look at some details out front here now. One of the things I really love about this midline model is you do have the LED headlights. Obviously, you can see here that you can have these as well as those on higher trims, but right now it’s just this side, but I think those are just enough for most people. Vehicle’s on, you can tap it once and you get your low beam lights and I don’t know if you can see there, but that is a bright white light. If you go onto the high beams there, you get high beam and low beam. And again, that LED light is a bright white color, which not only is energy efficient, but it also gives you more of a natural daylight color, so when you’re driving through the trails or somewhere at night, you don’t know if it’s a skunk or raccoon, that natural white light helps your eyes recognize what it’s seeing because it’s closer to a daylight color. Just helps you recognize what you see a little earlier, and that can be the difference between, like I said, raccoon and skunk.

Staying out front here, this is one piece that I really, really like and it’s just such a simple connection here. There’s just plastic tabs. You can take this right off. You’ve got a nice solid gasket in here. I don’t know if you can see that really well, but it’s a nice gasket, which is going to keep this relatively water resistant. I can’t say it’s waterproof on anything, depends on the way you ride. But this is a deep, deep area. If you’re taking a lunch out or taking your stuff, it’s a kind of forgotten cargo storage area on this unit and it’s really big, easily accessible. You can even reach it from the cab quite easily, which is nice. You don’t have to get out, but you can keep a lot of stuff in here for going out on the trails, do whatever you got to do.

But if we’re going to talk about capability, we really got to talk about the back over here. Now, first of all, you have a bed liner in here, that sort of plastic bed liner you would have in a typical drop in liner for a pickup truck. You do have the latch system here, which is pretty simple, a latch on each side and you can drop that tailgate down just like this. And it’s got, of course, the tabs there. You can put a good amount of weight on here. I didn’t look up the spec, but obviously it feels very solid as well. Closing this up, you also have give it a little shove there, you also have the same style latch as these right here on the front here on the passenger side. These ones are painted black.Over here, you have one which you can get to down here, and it is like I said, the same style latch, and then you can disconnect that and you have this handle here, which means this is a dump bed and it is counterbalanced to make sure that whatever’s in there, you don’t have to lift too hard to be able to tilt that back. A dump bed is super, super helpful, like I said, if you’re moving things around. But it also allows you to do some work here or at least to access the important parts.With the dump bed lifted, you can see that this simple construction, just tubes and square tubing and square and round tubing, you can see all the components in there. 

This is a CVT driven machine so anyone can drive it. It’s an automatic transmission. Just below right down here is your fuel filler off the side of the vehicle, and again, you can see this latch down here that I just pulled to use that dump bed. If you need to do any maintenance, it’s all right there on the bed, very easily accessible.We talked about where your cargo goes, but what about where you go? This was the big surprise. I’ll be honest, I haven’t spent any time in these, although to be fair, I think I have spent time in these because I think these things are so ubiquitous, they’re all over the place. I’ve been on a few farms where I’ve gone around in side-by-sides like this and I feel like I’ve been in this, but I haven’t sat at one here at Jim Gilbert’s.The first thing that impressed me was the seat. Of course, in something like the TeryX and the KRX, you have these full seats with full backs and that kind of thing, and I kind of thought that’s what you want to be on a trail. But as you sit here, this is a well padded seat here. Now again, the suspension is not something like the KRX 1000 with 21 inches of rear suspension travel. It’s going to be a little bit more firmer ride. It’s got limited suspension travel. Having a seat that is both cushy, it gives you some shock absorption, but it also gives you some comfort, and even though this is a square back area, it’s very comfortable. If you’re wearing a helmet while you’re on this, you don’t really need a headrest anyways. It’s not going to bang into anything. It’s surprisingly comfortable here.

What’s nice about it is you have enough space for a second person beside you. It’s just like going on an ATV with someone behind you, but now you get to sit them beside you, which is a whole different experience when you’re riding. They’re not looking around your helmet and you can communicate with them. Speaking of communicate, this vehicle is not that loud. It’s not designed to show off or anything, so you can have good conversation and both of you can see what’s in front of you and you could point out maybe a deer crossing the trail or something coming up. You can really have a conversation while you’re doing it and it makes it just kind of a great family vehicle, a great vehicle to share with someone you love and talk with them.What’s also cool is the flat floor down here. It is a metal floor. It’s got the diamond plate kind of pattern to it. The flat floor allows you to take, it first of all, it gives you more space for your feet, but it also kind of gives space if you take a pet along. They don’t have to sit up here on the seat, they’ve got a flat floor there. You can hold them by the collar here if you get over a real bumpy spot. But if you’ve got a fairly obedient dog that wants to ride with you, I’ve seen that happen all the time here.You have a glove box here. We’re going to take a look at the dash right now. When I talk about the dash, it’s not a typical dash. You haven’t got a speedometer or anything else like that. You don’t really need it on something like this. Again, this is designed to be more basic on purpose, but you’ve got a lot of things that you really need. You’ve got a tilt reel that you can put anywhere you need to have it nice and comfortable. I’m going to put it a little higher so that I can see. A fuel gauge up here, which is just a bunch of red lines, a whole bunch of red lines. Then you have an hour meter there. That’s really all you need when you’re out on the go.

You’ve got your transmission here, so you can go reverse, neutral, high, or low gear. You can go two wheel drive or four wheel drive. 

Then down here on my left side, is your rear differential lock so you can lock the rear together. I mentioned that glove box there. Again, more storage down there. It’s a very deep glove box, so pretty impressive there, and you do have a little bit of a gasket around the outside. So again, they’re aiming for some waterproofness. This has been sitting out in the rain overnight, so it’s fine. You’ve got a 12 volt outlet right there. You’ve got lots of spaces for switches over here. So you can add things, accessories, all kinds of things. You’ve got lots of places to add things in a natural spot.Lighting wise, well first of all, lighting, we showed you the outside light, only one rear light. We’re going to show you the rear in a second. But as far as information lights, you’ve got orange engine light or amber engine light, red parking brake light, and a red oil light, and that’s all you need. 

The other thing I didn’t mention is you do have cup holders up front here, which I think is a really logical spot. It still keeps this area free for extra space. Again, in a narrower vehicle, you don’t want to start cluttering things up with cup holders in your knee space. But you can see, I’m six feet tall. I’ve got my pedals there, easily reachable. It’s quite comfortable here, and I’ve got space to kind of move around. I can put my feet up here, I can just move around. It’s very, very practical.Now, I already showed you the tailgate back here, but the other things I didn’t show you are the departure angle here. You’ve got your wheels there right at the edges. You’ve got some lower hanging things that do have sort of skid plates below, so you’re well protected. Again, not meant for rock crawling, but if you had to crawl over rougher terrain, you’re not going to damage things too bad or anything in there because it’s all protected. And again, departure angle’s really high. You’ve got a single tail light. Why? Because you don’t need two. This isn’t about style, it’s about practicality, so single tail light there. Just like I said, a really practical area.You can see along the side here with the short wheel base, you’ve still got pretty good ground clearance there, but the short wheel base also means that as you get a longer wheel base, your breakover angle becomes less. Having that short wheel base makes it really good, and the turning circle, let’s see if we can turn this right now, you can sort of see with the wheel. The wheel doesn’t look too sharp, but this thing turns super, super, super sharp. You can really maneuver this thing wherever you want to go.

Let’s talk about who this is really for because there’s so much options within the Kawasaki lineup. First of all, if you need a true heavy duty hardcore workhorse, there are other options than this. They’re a little bit wider, they’re still called Kawasaki MULEs. You can check out the website and stay tuned to this channel because we’ll review a whole bunch of them. There’s a lot of options. But if you want something compact, maybe you have a larger property and you’ve got some work that you want do, but you also want to take it off the property and use it for other things, this really appeals. If you want a more sport riding, trail riding thing, there are probably better options within the Kawasaki lineup. However, if you need a tool, something that can plow your snow, something that can go hunting with you, something that can move firewood around, something that you can take on the trails, there’s not really a better value than something like this.It’s simple to maintain. It’s really practical. It keeps you safe with cargo. You’ve got all the kinds of things like this is built in to protect you. It’s standard, it comes with it. You don’t have to add that as an accessory. But if you do want to add accessories, if you want to add a windshield here, a roof, closing the sides, all those kinds of things, there’s so many options. Because this starts at a fairly reasonable price, you can add all those accessories in and have a true multipurpose vehicle that does everything you want it to do for less money than some bare bones vehicles that are more singular focused. To me, this is a really good value. It’s surprisingly fun to drive. It’s not fast, but it puts you out in that airy kind of feeling. It can go just about anywhere that I would want to go.

I hope this review is helpful. If there’s a question I didn’t answer, let me know when the comments below, because like I said, we can have this and other vehicles back on this channel. We want to thank Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports here at Kawasaki Way because they give  me full access to their vehicle line, and if you want to come see this thing in person, swing by Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports and see it for yourself.

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